Donating your Time, Treasure, or Talent...

Art 2 Heart is 100% volunteer managed and operated.  Just as Jesus fed over 5,000 people with the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish offered up in faith, volunteers and supporters of Art 2 Heart offer whatever their "loaf" or "fish" may be in terms of  time, talent, or treasure, and the Lord faithfully multiplies it to accomplish His work through this ministry.

Gift Shop Operations: Many hands work together to make our Gift Shop possible.  We are looking for some regular “behind the counter” volunteers who share our vision and mission, especially those willing to work on Saturdays.  We also appreciate “behind the scenes” help with tagging and pricing items, etc.  If you would be willing to volunteer to help in the Gift Shop, please leave a message at our Gift Shop at 763-478-6898 or email us at  

Product Creation: Do you have a special creative talent you’d like to share?  We have a number of artists who donate their time and creative gifts to help us offer a variety of unique items for our Gift Shop.   As an official 501 (c)(3), we can give tax-deductible receipts for any donated items as well. If you have artistic items you would enjoy donating or would like to have your products considered for consignment, PLEASE call the Gift Shop at 763-478-6898 for an appointment.

Financial Donations:  Our goal is to invest 100% of the sales dollars from our Gift Shop to inspire hope and dignity and share the love of Jesus Christ worldwide.  YOU can make this possible through a one time donation or by financially supporting us each month to help cover operating expenses including rent, insurance, art supplies, and outreach materials.  If you are interested in becoming a Monthly Partner, please email us at or call us at 763-478-6898.  Any one-time gift is also very much appreciated, and can be processed by clicking on the “donate” button.  Thank you!