Pray for Our Ministry Partners

Art 2 Heart’s ministry partners need support during this crisis.
We invite you to join us in praying for them.
We asked each how to pray for their organization
and this is what they told us:

Byond Our Door Global

Please pray with us for our Ministry Partners

Please pray for our home for abandoned and traumatized children in Kenya. We have 33 children that our partner Evelyne has taken in. The home is called

Upendo, which means “LOVE.” Evelyne has two names that people in Kenya call her: "Mama Upendo” (or Mama Love) and “Mother of Many.”

Please pray that Evelyne and the children will be spared from the coronavirus and stay healthy. That they will be able to go back to school soon because they love to learn. Pray that their needs will be met by the support of generous people.

3 of the children in our home were actually found by Evelyne after they had been thrown away. One in a garbage dump, one at the edge of a road in the mud, and one in a ditch covered by tea leaves.

Imagine someone knocking at your door and saying, "Come quick! There is a baby in the ditch!" That is what happened to Evelyne a year ago. She went quickly and found an abandoned baby covered in tea leaves. Evelyne cleaned the baby up, notified the authorities, and took the baby to be checked by a doctor. The authorities asked Evelyne if she could care for the baby -- and her generous heart said YES!

Evelyne says, "I named her Gift because I knew this baby was a gift from God."

Heshima (Kenya)
Pharaoh said to Moses "I have sinned against the Lord your God and against you. Now forgive my sin once more and pray to the Lord your God to take this deadly plague away from me." Exodus 10:16-17

The Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever. We believe that the Word of God never changes and we can trust 100% of what the Bible says to us. Sometimes, we don't want to hear the "bad news" of the Bible: Sin against God and there will be consequences. Yes... by the blood of Jesus our sins are covered...but there are still natural and supernatural consquences to sin in our lives. Big bummer.

According to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) "Rain and warm weather in Kenya has caused new locust swarms to hatch and they are 20X larger than the last swarm. This will bring on huge deterioration of food security."

"Moses then left Pharaoh and prayed to the Lord. And the Lord changed the wind to a very strong wind, which caught up the locust and carried them into the red sea. Not a locust was left anywhere in Egypt." Exodus 10: 18-19

As our family has prayed about this situation, the Lord has lead us to pray for a very strong wind to carry these locusts into the Indian Ocean. Would you all join us and pray for this too? We are asking for a miracle. We trust Him in the good and the bad.

Kids Inspiring Kids - Uganda

MAY 2020 - Things are crazy right now in Uganda, as everywhere. Curfew has been established from 7am-7pm and only motorcycles, pedestrians, and bicycles are allowed on the roads from 7am-2pm. To travel in a vehicle, one must walk to the local district office and obtain a special pass that is good for one day and a specific activity.

Tomi Mills (founder) was scheduled to fly back to the US on May 17 but the flight has been cancelled. Currently, the US Embassy has no plans to arrange any flights out of the country. Please continue to pray for her safety.

We need to stock up on certain supplies because of limiting factors (curfew, stay-at-home orders, vehicles being banned, etc.) People can donate directly for these unexpected expenses on our website or through our facebook page.

Place of Refuge Village continues. The kids are out of school, but we are continuing Character Training Lessons for them. Crops are being planted and harvested. The land continues to be worked. That is the beauty of plantin -- even in the waiting there is always eventually a harvest. We continue to harvest on that which has been planted, both physically and spiritually. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Love INC -Heartland
Thank you for the continued prayers for our ministry! (serving residents of Cokato, Corcoran, Dassel, Delano, Greenfield, Howard Lake, Independence, Loretto, Mayer, Maple Plain, Montrose, Rockford, Watertown, Winsted and Waverly.)

Love INC- Heartland has a program called Fresh Start, classes that teach our low-income families to increase their self-worth and move towards self-sufficiency. When Covid-19 hit this area, we were in the middle of one of our 12 week sessions. Our Fresh Start participants were devastated that we might have to discontinue the classes for an unknown length of time. This was uncharted territory, but we knew our participants were depending on us in a time when everything seemed unpredictable, so we set classes up on Zoom. Almost everyone continued with us via Zoom, even some of our elderly who didn't have a computer but could access it by phone.

During this time, anxiety and depression is high within the families we serve, and their mental health is at risk. Many participants have been grateful to stay connected virtually with their Fresh Start classmates and mentors. We pack food boxes each week and set them outside the door at Love INC for them to come pick up. There is a bond that forms when everyone comes together to help each other through an unforeseen crisis, and we will all be stronger individuals in the end.

Justice House of Prayer

Pray for us that we would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, both as a ministry and as individuals, as this global transformation evolves. While this virus is not from God, we know He uses all things for His good and we know that God desires to see His people turn to Him in a greater measure, not just endure a quarantine.

We continue to labor in prayer that God releases His heart over our nation. Our team has been tele-working via Zoom calls and we have maintained corporate prayer for the ending of Coronavirus, wisdom and strength for our President and his advisors, for Congress, and for the Church in America.

This global crisis is a divine opportunity for parents to connect with their children and disciple them beyond Sunday school; for husbands and wives to grow closer together and to the Lord; to be the hands and feet to our neighbors; and for each individual to humble him/herself and cry out for the fear of the Lord in their own lives.

And we have seen answers to prayer! The Holy Spirit is bringing the refining fire to people's hearts. Even in virtual face-to-face time with friends and family, He is bringing people closer together. This crisis is revealing whether Christ is the Rock people can stand on, or if they rely on earthly things (jobs, bank accounts, people, comforts, etc.) May the Church arise and let Christ be magnified, that the world would see that God carries the answer for their souls!

Anurag Society (India)

In our last few updates we asked you to pray for Anurag, India and their government-issued paperwork situation. It now appears that the miracle we’ve been praying for is just on the horizon! We hope to have more news and details to share within the next month or so. 

Up until COVID-19 hit the world, the Anurag programs -- including Day Care, K-8 classes and training programs -- were up and running. Like other places, operations are now suspended until the pandemic passes. Will you continue to pray for Anurag, India, in this new season of uncertainty that is arising because of the virus? 

Forgotten Harvest Minnesota
Thank you for your prayers for Forgotten Harvest. We are working more than ever during this COVID-19 time! We continue to pick up food rescue from a local grocery store and 2 food shelves. Then we pack boxes for individual families and deliver the groceries weekly to the doorstep of people who have let us know they need/can use rescued produce.

In addition to this our monthly food drop (Nourishing Hope), which usually gives fresh produce and dried food items to 100 families -- now it has increased to 200 families and is being held twice monthly!! This food drop is being set up the same way: small groups of volunteers come to pre-pack boxes of food for families. Then later, other volunteers put the boxes of food in recipient cars in a drive-through style food distribution event. All our volunteers maintain social distancing during the packing/distribution process, and we have cloth masks as well. It has been a huge effort in organization and planning … but it is proving to be a great blessing to many families.

We are many families coming to our food distribution events for the first time. They are exceedingly grateful for the help, especially as they typically are not connected with the formal financial/food assistance programs due to their previously good financial situation.

Peruvian Partners (Peru)
Please pray that people can feel God's compassion and care during this stressful time….that people turn to God in this crisis….and that faith will grow as a result.  We pray that God may reign, be the one who calms fears, and fills hearts with the inexplicable tranquility of His peace.

In Peru, the measures have been draconian. They've closed the airport, the borders, schools, centers, and all non-essential businesses.  We were forced to close the Houses.  There is a forced quarantine in the whole country. Some banks, pharmacies, and hospitals are still open.  
The military control the streets and the markets to make sure there are no meetings or hoarding. If caught in a meeting of more than 5, you are fined.

The federal government is going house to house taking people's temperatures, etc.  If someone appears some sick, he is physically removed from his house and the whole block is on double quarantine with guards until that person is found negative for COVID-19.  For example, Gregoria's brother and neighbor had a fever when MINSA went to his house.  He was forcefully taken away; and Gregoria, Vilma and many others were forcibly put in a guarded quarantine and mandated to wear masks at all times and under no circumstances leave their house.

The government's reasoning is that the Peruvian health system cannot withstand an epidemic; they recognize they are woefully ill prepared. Hospitals do not have the personnel or resources to treat an epidemic.

Sadly, all the people laid off are receiving NO salary. For example, we wanted to shop for the elderly and take them meals; we can't. No one can buy food in bulk even for humanitarian reasons. There is a lot of chaos and fear.  
In our ministry, we are working on a way to try to get cash to those who are the most vulnerable – those with absolutely no resources and going without food.  A list of 84 families and 45 elderly has been compiled. Cash is the only way these families can be helped, because, by rotation, only one person from a household can go to the market and must purchase only their own supplies and food.
May we all learn even more deeply how to cast our fears on HIM, who cares.


Mercy Orphanage (India)
MAY 2020 - The children at Mercy Orphanage are doing well considering all that is going on. Raj had to send some of the children to pastors' homes in order to reduce the numbers in any one orphanage home. We have had trouble getting funds to them do to their stay at home mandate. Raj and the evangelists time have been busy spraying their village with a disinfectant. Also with feeding the poor; they even go to remote areas to hand out food. We raised over $1,300 for Bibles and sent to Raj to purchase Bibles in their language. Food for the body and Bibles for the soul. Please pray for all of God's people in India and in the world.

Grace International (Philippines)
MAY 2020 -- The construction of the Tribal Center (Philippines) is still underway with a small (3 man) crew. It is difficult for me to send out newsletters requesting support for our projects knowing that lives are in disarray due to the back-to-back tornados of late. We continue to seek the Lord, knowing He alone is the All-Sufficent One. Our funding has been affected but we have total and complete peace knowing that what He has instructed us to accomplish will be completed. We are sending video messages to our oversea workers to encourage them. It is always a joy to hear their praise reports. People are coming to know Jesus and being transformed.

The construction of the large church in Batangas, Philippines has stopped due to the stay-home order. We postponed the graduation service for the Bible school in Pucallpa and will reschedule when allowed. Peru is still under a total shut down.

The Apostle Paul said he experienced abundance and little, but knew all things would be supplied. We have echoed these words countless times. We have tasted and experienced His faithfulness in ALL situations and have learned to count it all joy. It is in times like these that we learn to trust Him more fervently. We learn to still our minds and "think on these things." We truly taste and see that the Lord is good. Thank you for your continued prayer!

CRU (Minnesota Campus Ministry)
I would love prayer for navigating how I care for my team properly, as we stretch into another month at home, in keeping them occupied & cared for mentally, spiritually, emotionally!

I am hearing from my CRU friends on the field to pray specifically about the currently-high anxiety among college students. While they have transitioned to life at home, many of them are experiencing increased anxiety, both the CRU teams and those they reach out to online. Many have returned home to unstable environments, homes where they are not celebrated for loving Jesus, or homes they have done a lot of work to separate from. Many students are graduating and are feeling uncertain about the future: will they get a job, when can they start working, will they be able to pay back student loans, etc.

Thanks you so much for your continued prayers and support. In this uncertain season, I am so thankful for our bond of Christ to hold us together even while we are distant!

Free the Kids - Haiti
Free the Kids, Inc. is the non-profit organization that supports Pwoje Espwa Sud in Haiti. Espwa was started over 20 years ago as a children’s refuge. It provided food, shelter, medical care and an education to hundreds of children. Most of the children living at Espwa have families nearby, who are too poor to care for them.
In the last 2 years, Espwa has transitioned from an orphanage to a child development center. Besides educating 1200 students, they are now reuniting children with their families. This involves providing decent housing, parent and child counseling, and a long-term care plan to ensure success.

Our Minnesota Mission team has travelled to Pwoje Espwa annually for 10 years to deliver supplies to the children and staff. Because of civil unrest, and now the Covid-19 virus, we have been unable to go the last 2 years. Instead, we have been asked to raise money to build houses for Espwa families on the Family Preservation waiting list.

The $5,700 to build a house means reuniting a family and restoring their dignity as they help to build their new home. It means providing construction jobs to people in their community so they can feed their families. It means improving their sanitation so they can stay safe from the Covid 19 virus.

Thanks to our donors, many prayers, and fundraisers, we have raised the money to build 8 houses in the last 18 months.

Inverted Art (Minnesota, Mexico, Africa)
Please pray for our local students and their families who are and will be hardest hit. We are stocking a small pantry of non-perishable food and supplies for them. Pray we can keep it stocked through donations and gifts. 

Please pray for the well-being of:

  • our international students, Scholarship students, their families and our partners in Kenya, Liberia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. 
  • our small business launches in Kenya and Liberia. They employ young people from the slums and it is important for us to continue our financial commitment for their livelihood.
  • for wisdom and folks to provide funds to help us reach our $18,000 goal so we can follow through on our commitments in this time of crisis. 

Timber Bay (Minnesota)
Pray that support for our camp, organization, as well as individual staff continues without further problems. Our staff are meeting kids 1:1 or remotely over Skype or Zoom, because we’ve temporarily stopped group meetings and camps. We want to stay in contact with kids – many are confused or in fear about what’s happening.
Alaska Christian College
The college is now closed for the rest of the school year. Please pray for the students and staff. Some of the students do not have a safe or good place to go.  Please pray that every student has a good choice or good place or encouragement to call home until the end of the semester. Online classes are being offered but as you know, not every place in AK has internet.  Emergency funds are currently being gathered so that students who want to go home are able to.
Robbinsdale Women’s Center (Minnesota)
Upon the recommendation of our medical director, sadly, we are closing our clinic until things are once again safe for our staff and patients. Things are changing so quickly that the ONLY thing that we can know to never change is that our Lord is sovereign. Please pray for the abortion-minded moms, that God would intervene in their crisis and protect them and the unborn babies. Pray that our phone schedulers (working from home), will have discernment when talking to them.
Community Bible Study (Rwanda)

Please pray for us and Rwandan people. April was the month Rwandans remember the Genocide of '94, usually by joining others in churches, community buildings and at Genocide Memorials to reflect, remember and mourn the loss of family and friends. Due to the COVID19 lock-down rules in Rwanda, thiswas not possible this year and was a great loss for them.

Covid19 has dramatically reduced American charitable giving in general and CBS Rwanda is no exception. We are in great need for donations to support ongoing CBS Rwanda operational expenses that support over 178,000 adults and children in CBS programs. These donations can be made using the normal methods.

Of higher priority right now however, is our CBS family in Rwanda, who is in great need of food. Due to the lock-down, very few people continue to earn money to feed their families. Churches are attempting to help people in their areas, but their funding is very limited.

To help our CBS family, we have structured a Rwanda Food Fund program for humanitarian giving (outside of CBS) that would be used by church leaders, representing over 60 different denominations, throughout Rwanda. This program focuses exclusively on the purchase and provision of food & water through these churches.

Every Orphan's Hope (Zambia)
Pray for the government leaders to have wisdom on how to best protect their country

  • Pray that those with compromised immune systems would be protected and spared from the virus
  • Pray for our mamas and staff to be able to maintain their current responsibilities of caring for our children at full capacity
  • Pray for the children, mamas, and staff to trust the Lord and not walk in fear
  • Pray that misinformation and panic would not spread throughout Zambia


The Foundation was able to donate 2,000 hospital gowns to hospitals in Nandi County, Kenya at the end of March.

We have continued with our other projects in Kenya as much as we can, despite the disruption from COVID-19. There is good news and there are bright spots. God has continued to bless our work and has allowed us to continue to help those in need. For instance, our sponsors have been able to continue to connect with their sponsor-child by sending emails and in some cases, care packages. Sponsors pay schools fee and without that help, many children would not be attending school at all; they would not be able to get the basic knowledge of reading and writing.

We are also continuing the construction of Garden of Hope Rescue Center, which will serve as a temporary home for abandoned children. We will work with social services to identify the children in need and then to pair them with long-term foster families. Our rescue center will be a safe home where the children can be nurtured and cared for. The home is nearly constructed, but due to COVID we have had to pause the work as the workers need to stay home. The good news is that during this time we have been able to proceed with the gardener who can work alone. His name is Josiah and he is preparing the land (clearing brush and tilling the soil) and he will now begin to plant fruit trees that will provide food for the children. The region where the home is located receives plenty of rain and sunshine and many fruits can grow! We will plant mango trees, avocados, papaya, passion fruit, bananas, and guava!

As I write of this planting, I think of the portion from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 …
“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.”