Pray for Our Ministry Partners

APRIL 2020
Art 2 Heart’s ministry partners need support during this crisis.
We invite you to join us in praying for them.
We asked each how to pray for their organization
and this is what they told us:

Heshima (Kenya)
Heshima bought tanks and put out 30 hand washing stations in the village. Our people don't have running water and hand washing is normally a luxury; now they can do it. (Hand Sanitizer? Ha...only for the wealthy) While some case of the virus have been confirmed in Kenya, the medical system is not able to

Join in praying for our ministry partners around the world - Art 2 Heart Gift Shop in Hamel MN

facilitate help for most people in our community. Please pray for the health and well-being of our disabled children and their families.

Anurag Society (India)
In our last few updates we asked you to pray for Anurag, India and their government-issued paperwork situation. It now appears that the miracle we’ve been praying for is just on the horizon! We hope to have more news and details to share within the next month or so. 

Up until COVID-19 hit the world, the Anurag programs -- including Day Care, K-8 classes and training programs -- were up and running. Like other places, operations are now suspended until the pandemic passes. Will you continue to pray for Anurag, India, in this new season of uncertainty that is arising because of the virus? 

Forgotten Harvest Minnesota
Thank you so much for your prayers and for your love, we hope we find many diferent ways to keep supporting the people in need and God have been helping us doing that and that will be our prayer to keep doing the best that we can with what we have.

Peruvian Partners (Peru)
Please pray that people can feel God's compassion and care during this stressful time….that people turn to God in this crisis….and that faith will grow as a result.  We pray that God may reign, be the one who calms fears, and fills hearts with the inexplicable tranquility of His peace.

In Peru, the measures have been draconian. They've closed the airport, the borders, schools, centers, and all non-essential businesses.  We were forced to close the Houses.  There is a forced quarantine in the whole country. Some banks, pharmacies, and hospitals are still open.  
The military control the streets and the markets to make sure there are no meetings or hoarding. If caught in a meeting of more than 5, you are fined.

The federal government is going house to house taking people's temperatures, etc.  If someone appears some sick, he is physically removed from his house and the whole block is on double quarantine with guards until that person is found negative for COVID-19.  For example, Gregoria's brother and neighbor had a fever when MINSA went to his house.  He was forcefully taken away; and Gregoria, Vilma and many others were forcibly put in a guarded quarantine and mandated to wear masks at all times and under no circumstances leave their house.

The government's reasoning is that the Peruvian health system cannot withstand an epidemic; they recognize they are woefully ill prepared. Hospitals do not have the personnel or resources to treat an epidemic.

Sadly, all the people laid off are receiving NO salary. For example, we wanted to shop for the elderly and take them meals; we can't. No one can buy food in bulk even for humanitarian reasons. There is a lot of chaos and fear.  
In our ministry, we are working on a way to try to get cash to those who are the most vulnerable – those with absolutely no resources and going without food.  A list of 84 families and 45 elderly has been compiled. Cash is the only way these families can be helped, because, by rotation, only one person from a household can go to the market and must purchase only their own supplies and food.
May we all learn even more deeply how to cast our fears on HIM, who cares.


Mercy Orphanage (India)
Yes, pray for all of God’s people. In India they are taking several precautions. Some of the children are being taken care of by local pastors to reduce the large number of orphans in one place. They are being educated about how to take care of themselves and others. Raj bought face masks for all the children and workers. The monthly gathering of widows, lepers, and handicapped people (over 1,000!) will be changed. The people need to hear God’s word in this crisis, so several smaller gatherings are planned.

Grace International (Philippines)
We must not let current situations dictate our obedience to the Call of God. Let us be the Ambassador He has created us to be! We are pressing forward. The Command to go into all the world has not been cancelled. Fear immobilizes - stops progress - shuts down.  Being concerned and operating in fear are two different things.

With our contributors continued faithful support, construction will continue to build the Tapaz Tribal Center and the new church in Batangas Philippines.
We must work to the best of our ability with the regulations issued by the authorities yet find new ways to accomplish Gods mandates. New creative ideas will be given by the Holy Spirit to fulfill His plans and purposes. Be ready to give encouragement. Be ready to pray for the sick. Be ready to share into the lives of the needy.

The Gospel is Good News!! This is the message that we should be spreading around the world starting at the supermarket, gas stations, everywhere that there are people!  

  • I Cor. 15:58 Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord...
  • II Cor. 9:8 God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.

CRU (Minnesota Campus Ministry)
We have cancelled all events through mid-June which will include all US and International Summer Mission. That means thousands of students who won't get to spend a key summer being developed, sharing their faith, and taking huge leaps in their understanding of the Lord. And even more people who won't hear the gospel because we weren't there to tell them. We are trusting that God is so much bigger than cancelled plans. We are praying for the opportunity to continue to share with students both within Cru movements and even more through social media outreaches. 

Inverted Art (Minnesota, Mexico, Africa)
Please pray for our local students and their families who are and will be hardest hit. We are stocking a small pantry of non-perishable food and supplies for them. Pray we can keep it stocked through donations and gifts. 

Please pray for the well-being of:

  • our international students, Scholarship students, their families and our partners in Kenya, Liberia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. 
  • our small business launches in Kenya and Liberia. They employ young people from the slums and it is important for us to continue our financial commitment for their livelihood.
  • for wisdom and folks to provide funds to help us reach our $18,000 goal so we can follow through on our commitments in this time of crisis. 

Timber Bay (Minnesota)
Pray that support for our camp, organization, as well as individual staff continues without further problems. Our staff are meeting kids 1:1 or remotely over Skype or Zoom, because we’ve temporarily stopped group meetings and camps. We want to stay in contact with kids – many are confused or in fear about what’s happening.
Alaska Christian College
The college is now closed for the rest of the school year. Please pray for the students and staff. Some of the students do not have a safe or good place to go.  Please pray that every student has a good choice or good place or encouragement to call home until the end of the semester. Online classes are being offered but as you know, not every place in AK has internet. Staff are currently assisting students in packing up their belongings and instilling words of peace and hope.
Robbinsdale Women’s Center (Minnesota)
Upon the recommendation of our medical director, sadly, we are closing our clinic until things are once again safe for our staff and patients. Things are changing so quickly that the ONLY thing that we can know to never change is that our Lord is sovereign. Please pray for the abortion-minded moms, that God would intervene in their crisis and protect them and the unborn babies. Pray that our phone schedulers (working from home), will have discernment when talking to them.
Community Bible Study (Rwanda)
Please pray for protection of the most vulnerable with minimal health care in Rwanda.

Every Orphan's Hope (Zambia)
Pray for the government leaders to have wisdom on how to best protect their country

  • Pray that those with compromised immune systems would be protected and spared from the virus
  • Pray for our mamas and staff to be able to maintain their current responsibilities of caring for our children at full capacity
  • Pray for the children, mamas, and staff to trust the Lord and not walk in fear
  • Pray that misinformation and panic would not spread throughout Zambia