Peruvian Partners (Flores de Villa, Peru)

We are privileged to be partnering with Dave and Gina Stavros' ministry, Peruvian Partners (, in Flores de Villa, Peru.

History of Flores de Villa

The pueblo joven of Flores de Villa is located in the outskirts of Lima, a city of eight million people in Peru. Previously, a few pig farmers, a garbage dump and a landfill occupied the area. Squatters invaded the area in 1992 much to the consternation of the local authorities. However, due to tenacity, desperate need, and the passage of time, these squatters now hold property titles for each 90 square meter lot where they have constructed their cardboard/scrap plywood homes with dirt floors. Now, most have electricity and some just recently were connected to water and sewage.

Art 2 Heart has had the privilege of donating to cover the monthly operating expenses of the Medical Post in Flores de Villa, Peru.  This medical post is a light in this community.  The purpose of this medical ministry is to confront malnutrition and disease and alleviate suffering.  It is a gateway to demonstrate God’s unconditional love to the multitudes and lead people to Christ, the ultimate Healer.  

In January of 2012, Art 2 Heart had the privilege of working with Peruvian Partners in Flores de Villa, Peru to begin an artist cooperative for 11 women.  These talented artists who call themselves the Mostacillas de Fe, which means "Beads of Faith," joyfully meet together making unique, handcrafted products from the designs, supplies, and training invested by Art 2 Heart.  The women are paid generously for their beautiful work and the products are then marketed and sold by Art 2 Heart.  The sales dollars are reinvested in more supplies and product orders.  Through this self-sustaining business that Art 2 Heart is working alongside them to create, these talented women are finding dignity and hope on the front lines of poverty.