Grace International World Outreach (Philippines, Vietnam, Peru)



Art 2 Heart is blessed to be partnering with Grace International World Outreach (, founded by Darrell and Denise Hutto, and their faithful work in the world which includes:

Taking the message of Christ to remote areas of the world, fulfilling the Great Commission!
1. Providing leadership training, teaching aids and evangelism tools. 
2. Providing education to the children of ministers serving in remote areas through GraceLink International
Working with the body of Christ, mission teams are sent for the purpose of evangelism, teaching, construction and encouragement.
Establishing Churches in unreached areas, Rescue centers for the homeless, Bible Schools to train nationals and Orphanages to reach abandoned children. Planting seed to produce ongoing fruit.


We have been partnering with GIWO for more than 8 years. In Vietnam, we have been supporting the work of a faithful missionary couple to provide vocational and spiritual training for vulnerable and poverty-stricken children/teens.  With Art 2 Heart's support, two boys have successfully completed a motorbike repair program, a 16-year-old girl who lives in a shelter with her siblings learned embroidery, and two more girls have learned beauty salon skills.  We invested in an outreach providing food and the Good News to widows and lepers and also provide some financial support for children who have been rescued from abortion and are being cared for by these missionaries.  In the Philippines, we have supported a card-making business established by GIWO and Bible student artists to help them pay for their education. We also donated toward the replacement of a home and furniture for a young widow and her family whose home burned in a fire. More recently, we have been supporting GIWO as they have been working in Peru to open immediate shelters and establish long term outreaches including housing, education, food, and a loving home environment for an extremely poor mountain area with over 6,000 "squatters" and hundreds of children who have been abandoned.