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Art 2 Heart is excited to partner with Kids Inspiring Kids ( which serves the women and children in Uganda, Africa.

In Uganda every day, children are dying of malaria, typhoid fever, malnutrition, and starvation.  With a civil war lasting over 20 years, and a high AIDS epidemic, the streets are filled with 2.5 million orphans.  

Kids Inspiring Kids exists to inspire people to fulfill their purpose and destiny by giving them hope for the future, training up the next generation of leaders to be sustained in character, morals, and integrity. 
The founder of Kids Inspiring Kids works in the Banda Acholi ghetto teaching and feeding over 500  kids weekly.  She also works with more than 200 women teaching life skills; women's lives are being transformed by learning better business proficiency and increased relations and family skills. 

 Kids Inspiring Kids purchased 5 acres of land near the capital city of Kampala marking the beginning of their vision to build a Place of Refuge Village.  The ghetto is filled with people trying to find places to exist and call their own and KIKs goal is to provide a community for these people to reside and be self-sufficient.

Last summer, the two daughters of one of Art 2 Heart's staff members, were able to travel to Uganda for three weeks to spend time with Tomi and serve alongside her as she works to encourage, equip, and empower the women and children in this community.  Art 2 Heart is excited to offer these beautiful journals, handcrafted by some of these women, to support this life-changing ministry. 

Handmade Ugandan Journal
$10.00 Handmade Ugandan Journal
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