Men's Aloe Gel-based Aftershave, Made in MN
Men's Aloe Gel-based Aftershave, Made in MN
Men's Aloe Gel-based Aftershave, Made in MN
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Men's Aloe Gel-based Aftershave, Made in MN

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Amazing aftershave made in Minnesota!

Soothing aloe gel-based aftershave balm -- without the burn and skin drying effects of alcohol-based splashes! Use for instant alleviation of nicks, cuts and razor burn. Absorbs and moisturizes quickly without residue.

Offered in 3 scents, in 3-ounces bottles:  

1) Sawtooth Mountain Cedar Citrus Aftershave: Rustic Cedar & Zesty Orange

INSPIRATION: The Sawtooth Mountains, (bearing names like Oberg, Leveaux, Moose, Murphy, and Eagle stretch some 30 miles along Lake Superior’s North Shore, from Carlton Peak near Tofte, all the way to Grand Marais. Viewed together, they thrust upward from the waters of Gitchi Gummi like the serrated teeth of an enormous blade. This is a land of forests, where in the fall the reds, oranges and yellows of the changing maples make the hills look afire. It is a terrain still wild, cut by ancient rivers, dotted by waterfalls and full of mystery. We invite you to try our soothing aloe gel-based aftershave and get in on one of secrets of the Minnesota Arrowhead.

2) Northern Gent Aftershave: strong notes of Sweet Tobacco, Leather, Vanilla, Cedar Wood & Amber Musk

INSPIRATION: Northern Gent is an homage to yesteryear's woodsmen. This modern take on the nostalgic scents of cedar wood, sweet tobacco and leather is reminiscent of walking into a vintage northern cabin and being wrapped in the aroma of grandpa's pipe smoke, cedar lined walls, and tanning leather. Here's to rugged men with sophisticated tastes.

3) 1954 RESERVE, Old Time Barbershop Aftershave: Powdery Bay Rum & Spice

INSPIRATION: Company town. Those words are not only synonymous with Northern Minnesota, but all around this great country. It took 4 years working day and night but Reserve Mining Company built what would become our hometown, Silver Bay, making it official on May 1, 1954. This scent of Powdery Bay Rum and Spice is for all of those who point and say, “Let’s build something. Let’s make something.” The Doers. Some call that Old School, but when did creativity, ingenuity and drive get old? You’ll enjoy our 1954 RESERVE Old Time Barbershop aftershave whether you wear a hard hat or a 3-piece suit.

Proceeds go to help save the bees: for every product sold, the company plants 25 sq-ft of prairie land with nectar-rich wildflowers to attract bees.